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Can The Griz!

Can The Griz!

Can The Griz! Food Drive 

November 6th - 8th 

First page of the PDF file: CantheGriz1

Things to Know:

1.) Turkeys/Hams are worth 15 points each!  (Please label them with your advisory name and let me know when you get them. You can bring them to my office or I can have a student come and grab them from you. If you do not tell me that you have one, you may not get credit for it!  Please do not send it to the kitchen!

2.) All other items are worth 1 point each. Please keep boxed items together. Do not allow students to break open boxes of cereal bars or other items. Individual items like breakfast bars, fruit snacks, etc. will not be counted.

3.) The top 2 advisory classes in each grade level will receive a prize/reward on behalf of the student council. TBD

4.) Students may also bring in money to donate as well. Every $1 counts as 1 point. If you collect money please deliver that to the main office every morning, labeled "Food Drive with $ amount included, and your advisory class name". This way, it is all in one place and I can give you credit as well as lock up any funds donated!  Checks can be made out to "Gallatin Valley Food Bank".